Ancient Egypt

The Gift of the Nile

My Gateway Paper

Farming in ancient Egypt has similarities and differences from modern day America. The seasons and the climate are different. The tools that are used in modern day agriculture have been influenced by ancient Egypt farming . Even how they got their daily bread is quite different than now. Farming is similar in Egypt compared to America.

Seasons are different in Egypt than modern day America. Egypt had floods that last up to four months. In Egypt it had many seasons for the crops. In modern day America, we have different seasons for many crops. America have very few floods to damage the crops.

Tools that are similar in Egypt that are different in modern day America. Egypt had use plows to dig holes to start the plantation. In Egypt the mattocks were crafted for chopping down crops. In modern day America, we use mechanical devices to plow faster. We use mattocks today for single handingly digging holes for crops.

What food did the Ancient Egyptians eat and how did they get it. Egyptians capture duck for the holiday and mainly. Egyptians plant wheat which makes bread for food. Ancient Egypt eats and hunt sheep and goat in the delta and Red Land. Ancient Egyptians catch fish from the Nile River and eat them for lunch.

There are different tools, and crops in modern day America. American’s today use many different tools to farm. America uses crops for survival in case of a disaster. Americans herd animals like cows and chicken for food. We use chemicals and pesticides to kill bugs off of our crops.

How is America and Egypt different in farming. Egypt use animals such as cattle, sheep, goats, and chickens for farming. We use machines for farming such as tractors, crop dusters, and plows. Egypt picked corn by hand, we use corn pickers. Ancient Egypt’s farming and America’s farming today. In ancient Egypt they had 3 seasons that consisted of flooding, planting, and harvesting. Bread and beer were 2 main products of their daily use. America and Egypt eat similar foods and farm in similar ways, we’re just more advanced. That is how ancient Egypt has not impacted America today. How has ancient Egypt not impacted how you farm or by how you buy your groceries today?

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