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  • Jupiter is the biggest planet
  • Fifth planet from the sun
  • 588 million kilometers from Earth
  • Closest planet to Jupiter is Saturn, 2.21 billion kilometers away
  • Atmosphere 90% hydrogen and 10% helium
  • About -145 degrees Celsius due to its heat coming from its interior instead of the sun
  • Large storms, covering thousands of km, lasts for hundreds of years
  • Space missions: Pioneer 11 (Flyby), Voyager 1 (Flyby), Voyager 2 (Flyby), Galileo (Orbiter/Probe)
  • Mass: 1,898,130,000,000,000,000 billion kg
  • Unique cloud features: Upper atmosphere of Jupiter is divided into cloud belts and zones. Composed of ammonia crystals, and mixtures of the two.
  • Has 63 known moons, and 4 rings.
  • Non-solid surface due to gassy composure
  • Takes Jupiter 12 years to orbit the sun
  • 9 Hours and 56 Minutes is a day on Jupiter
  • Moon Ganymede is largest moon in the solar system
  • Named after Roman king of gods
  • First recorded sighting by the ancient babylonians in 7th or 8th BC
  • Has the shortest day of the 8 planets
  • Fourth brightest object in solar system
  • Has a very strong magnetic field
  • Both Greek and Roman god of gods (Zeus and Jupiter)
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