BY:Seth Kott


The history of sony is very interesting.The reason is that there history is so interesting is that Sony started right after wwII.also the founder of Sony is masara ibaka. i hope you enjoy these paragraphs.


sony went from making golf materiales lick golf clubs and putters. then started making computers.then to a hand held transistor radio.then to the entertainment industry lick movies on tapes and video games.

Specific Person

masra ibaka is a vary interesting man.the resin is. that he changed china with sony.also he deyed on october 3.

reason company startid

the resin he stetid sony was to Mack golf materles. then they made home video. then they went to rideo. then to the entertanmint indstry

main protect soild

the best product they sold was the PS3. the most important product they sold was there home TV. they made all of this snob appile
The History of PlayStation: PS1 to PS4, every PlayStation ever made