Randi Smith

Geography of Japan

It is an island. It has a lot of mountains. It has an irregular coast line. It lacks a lot of natural resources. There are seas surrounding it. It is a chain of islands.

Imperialism of Japan

Japan is larger and tries to get full control of the smaller countries. Japan is in need of natural resources so they will have to invade other countries. Japan is going to get the natural resources they need and then take over those parts of china.

Religion of Japan

The religion used in Japan is Shintoism. Shintoism is a belief in spirits and nature. Many people like this type of religion and it developes in other countries as well.

Reforms of Japan

The meiji restoration modernized Japan. They built factories, businesses, companies, schools, and banks. They has a very strong military. It also created a constitution . A constitution is where laws are written down.