OSLO - Celebrating the Future…


Celebrating the Future - SAVE THE DATE

August 5th, 5-9 pm (CEST) - Oslo
Tjuvholmen, Olav Selvaags plass 4. 2.Etg
There will be a livestream.
Directions: http://goo.gl/maps/JcUZg
Find updates here: http://livingbridgesplanet.wordpress.com/2013/06/22/oslo-2/
Partnership for Change: http://www.pfchange.org/2013/07/01/celebrating-the-future/

Twitter Hashtag #celebratingthefuture

The event - both online and local - is free of charge. But, please, sign up here: http://www.pfchange.org/2013/07/01/celebrating-the-future/

OSLO - Celebrating the Future (Online and local event!!!)

Monday, Aug. 5th 2013 at 9am to Tuesday, Aug. 6th 2013 at 9am


For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.

We are Relay Foundation & Living Bridges Planet

“Celebrating the Future” – How can we empower young people in a world of social injustice and unemployment is organized by Partnership for Change in co-operation with Living Bridges Planet and Mother Courage.

This event will take place in Oslo, Olav Selvaags plass 4. 2.Etg, Tjuvholmen, Norway. At the same time, you can follow and interact with the event from the Living Bridges Planet platform.

The topic “Celebrating the Future” – How can we empower young people in a world of social injustice and unemployment was chosen to give the audience locally and globally new insights in how to work with this pressing challenge.

Norway, with the strong dynamics and flair of Oslo and with Notoddens 100 year’s celebration, is a great place to take on this topic. Notodden, a city west of Oslo was the criddle of the industrial company Hydro:
http://www.hydro.com/en/About-Hydro/Our-history/, and thus a great story from
the Industrial revolution that transformed Norway and influenced many parts of the world.

Today is Notodden, Oslo and other places around the world challenged with how to solve
questions of empowerment of youth and take the step into the creative society of the 21st century. Our event intends to take steps in pointing out a direction for the future.