Aromatic Yoga Happy Hour

Happy Hour the Healthy Way!

What is the strongest substance in your body? Come to Happy Hour to discover the answer!

JOIN US for our monthly Happy Hour, this time devoted to YOGA, Meditation, Reflexology, Essential Oils, Laughter and Hugs to amp up the health of your SKELETAL SYSTEM.

"No bones about it we are hosting our 12th Happy Hour together! What an adventurous, fun, healing year it has been. Thank you Bianca Jade for all your inspiration, knowledge and kindness. Thanks to each participant who gave our time together it's own, special zing with your presence! It's such an honor to celebrate with all of you! " ~ Pamela Sery, Yoga Teacher

REGISTER at the Me Fitness Front Desk or online:

Friday, May 15th; 6:45 ~ 8:30 pm

6:45 Introductions, Smiles, Toast

7:00 YOGA

7:45 How Frankincense heals

8:00 Reflexology

8:15 Laughter & Hug your Bones :)

$20 per person ~ Take home a gift bag and superior knowledge

Questions? Contact: Pamela Sery 503-313-9724 call or text