Come to our park 1812 Battle Grouds

1812 Campos de batalla

We are the best park around

We have a zoo, lots of rides, arcade, sports complex, water park, and a pavilion.

Our Domestic Animals are Friendly


Ponies are easy to look after, requiring half the food that a horse would if it was the same weight.

Come See Our Non-Domestic Animals


Pandas have evolved special features to help them eat their favorite food: strong jaws, large molars, and a "thumb" that helps them hold the bamboo while they eat!

Our Consetion Stand


Serving Size: 1oz

Calories: 106

Calories from Fat: 1.2g

Total Fat: 1.2g

-From Saturated Fat: .2

-From Trans Fat: 1g


Sodium: 2mg

Total Carbs: 21g

Dietary Fiber: 3.6g

Sugars: .3g

Proteins: 3.1g