Constitutional Convention

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Leaders of the conventioin

The Constitutional Convention met in 1787. Delegates met to give congress more power. Delegates included only white, male landowners. Some delegates wanted a republic. They thought a republic would protect citizens rights. Others wanted a federal system. In a federal system, Congress could share power with the states.

Creating a New government

James Madison suggested that the government should have three branches. One branch, the congress, would make laws. Second would carry out laws. third branch would settle legal arguments. states compromised in order to support the constitution. Madison wanted the number of delegates from each state to be based on the states population. Delegates from smaller states thought this would give bigger states more power. Roger Sherman suggested dividing Congress into two parts. Each state would have the same number of representatives in one house, the senate. in the other house, the house representatives, would depend on the states population. the southern delegates wanted to count the enslaved people in their populations. But the northern delegates believed they should not be counted. the states compromised. every five enslaved as three free people. Some states wanted to end slavery. southern states would not accept this. the states agreed to end the slave trade by 1808.

Ratifying the Constitution

Federalists supported the constitution. but the the Anti-federalists did not support the constitution they wanted to add the bill of rights to the constitution. the bill of rights would protect peoples liberties. Federalists agreed. Nine of thirteen states needed to ratify the constitution for it to become law. in June 1788, nine states agreed to ratify the constitution. The country had a new government.