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Have a Handle on Classroom Management from the Beginning


So, over the break, I spent some time reading a book and found some valuable nuggets I wanted to share with you in a user friendly way!!! (and save you time having to read the book yourself)

Fear Factor

The kids are as scared as you are... Who knew?

Esquith says that most classes operate on fear, p. 4:

"The teacher is afraid: afraid of looking bad, of not being liked, of not being listened to, of losing control. The students are even more afraid: afraid of being scolded and humiliated, of looking foolish in front of peers, of getting bad grades, of facing parents' wrath."

So, make your classroom a special place...a place that knows NO FEAR!!!

He goes on later, pg. 7, to say that he builds his classroom on trust.

"I answer all questions. It does not matter if I have been asked them before. It does not matter if I am tired. The kids must see that I passionately want them to understand, and it never bothers me when they don't.........we should never become frustrated when a student doesn't understand something. Our positive and patient response to questions builds an immediate and lasting trust that transcends fear."

Teachers as Role Models

p 10: "I want my students to be nice and work hard. That means I had better be the nicest and hardest-working person they have ever met."

p. 11: "You can learn from your mistakes. You can get better."

p. 12: "If we ask great things of our children, we must show them we believe great things are possible."

Rafe Esquith The 6 Levels of Moral Development YouTube

Rafe Esquith and the 6 Levels of Moral Development video

Try moving your students from Level 1 to 6. But as he says in closing, it will take time. Don't expect results tomorrow.

Use your Instructional Coach as a Resource in Planning the New Semester!!!

Don't forget I can help you plan for management, lessons, etc.

I can also sit down and develop a work plan with you...areas I can focus on when I come in to observe. This makes our time together much more efficient.

Let me know how I can help you and don't forget to visit my website. I will embed the link below.

Reminder for the New Year and New Start:

  • Learning Focused Lessons (activators, summarizers, formative assessments, writing every day, collaborative pairs, etc.) Have a plan and over-plan!!!!
  • Set up rules from Day 1 (reference them often).
  • Seating chart from Day 1 (and rearrange as needed)
  • It's so important to greet your students at the classroom door! (by name, it helps build those relationships)

By the way, I am not finished with the book yet, but I also have it's sequel and am more than happy to share!!!