Thief Steals Silver Sword!

Thief quoted saying "I regret stealing the silver sword!"

Silver Sword stolen from Arnold the Blacksmiths workshop!

On Monday last week 932 a thief stole one of Arnold's (the blacksmith) silver sword. We have been told that while Arnold was unloading metals a thief entered through the back door and stole the silver sword and quickly ran out. Why the thief stole the silver sword we now know. Silver swords are only owned by rich noble Vikings and bow and arrows and axes are a lot cheaper so it would make sense why the thief stole the silver sword over the other weapons. We interviewed the chief guard and was quoted saying "He took cover in a barley field." Since then the thief had not been seen. But in the following days the thief was found and soon he will be executed.

Regards Hasien Isles

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