By Jeevan Dhillon

Things about Bmw

Bmw is a big company that makes cars, airplane engines and motorcycles. Bmw is a luxury and sports car company. Bmw makes cars that are more sporty than the equivalent Mercedes Benz but still has luxury mixed in. They have made some of the worlds best automobiles, like the three series. It is a wonderful sports sedan for the working class. And the seven series It is a luxury car that is fast and handles very well compared to the s class which is more luxury. But the M5 is the ultimate sports sedan with its super car handling and high horsepower engine

Owning a Bmw

Owning a Bmw is terrific you get luxury that goes fast. Older Some models are really expensive to own like the 7 series. There are so many things that can go wrong. We own a e38 740i sport and there are thing that are well known to go and are expensive. One of those is the vanos variable valve timing chain guides that break, so you have to take take the front of the engine apart and spend about 1500 in part and tools. It takes about 25 hours to to properly. My favourite is the e38 because I have gotten to know it and the shape of the body is terrific.

2001 BMW 740i M Sport