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Hey! I'm a middle school student who really enjoys Fashion. I'm here to show you some of the things that I learned. This semester I learned so much; some of the things I learned were Fashion History, Sketching and Design, Sewing Construction, Interior Design, Advertising and Marketing, and last of all Styling and Personal Image.

Fashion History

Vintage clothing is beginning to become popular. A lot of past fashion trends have a big effect of some of the trends now and in the future. Here are some 50s inspired clothing!

Interior Design

There are many different parts of interior design. There are floor plans, lighting, design types, colors, and more! Here are a few examples.

Sketching and Design

Sketching and design helps you put your ideas in your mind onto paper. This also allows others to see your ideas. Sketching is an important part of creating a piece of clothing. Here are some examples of sketches.
Big image

Sewing Tip of The Week!

How to Sew a Button-

1. thread needle

2. place button on the fabric that you want to sew it onto

3. bring needle up through one of the button holes

4. bring needle back down through the hole diagonally from the hole you came from

5. do this 3-4 times and then go to the other two holes

6. do the same for those holes

7. tie the button off with a knot

Styling and Personal Image

This semester we did some different exercises to feel better about ourselves and to just have fun! We tried laughter yoga, listened to positive music, wrote things that we liked about ourselves and more. Laughter yoga was really fun because we just got to be really weird, but this unit was really fun!

Advertising and Marketing

A big part of the reason that we buy the clothes we buy is because of how they are advertised. Advertising and marketing has a huge impact of the fashion industry. They are so many ways that stores advertise their clothes to make people like us want to buy them. Some of these was are sales, internet ads, billboards, and commercials.