Kindergarten News

September 24, 2015

Upcoming Events

No school tomorrow for Fort Bend County Fair Day

PTA: Time to pay dues! Mr. Waites, our PTA president, wants to know if anyone knows of a company with a horse and a wagon that we could possibly rent for the upcoming Fun House here at RPE. Also, does anyone know a person or company that might be willing to donate hay and pumpkins for the Fun House? Please contact Mr. Waites via email at

October 9 is Parent/Teacher conference and early release for students.

October 12 is a student holiday.

What We Are Learning

In Reading and Writing we are continuing to connect sounds to letters, learn high frequency words, practice forming letters correctly, rhyming words and syllables. We are also learning about elements of books such as author, title, illustrator, and plot.

We are starting Interactive Notebooks in most subjects so we are also learning how to listen to directions, use scissors and glue (harder than it sounds!).

In Math, we are using ten frames and manipulatives to compose and decompose numbers to 5.

In Science, we are starting a unit on the Physical Properties of Objects. This consists of observing and recording properties such as relative size and mass, including heavier or lighter, shape, color, texture etc.

In Social Studies, we are learning about Holidays and Celebrations as well as continuing to learn about home and community.

Dinnertime Storytelling Can Help Make Kids Better Readers

Here is a link to an article originally found online at Time.Com. The author, Anne Fishel from Harvard Medical School, states that dinner conversation is a fantastic vocabulary booster for children - even better than reading aloud to them. She offers additional insights as well as practical suggestions.

I discovered this article through another website which has a wealth of information for parents and teachers interested in launching young readers.