Travel Climate Project

By: Christian Cisneros


City: Cairo

Location: Egypt

Provence: Middle East

Continent: Africa

Longitude and Latitude: 30.0 degrees N and 31.2 degrees E.

Where Cairo's is Found

Cairo is located in Egypt. It's provence is in the Middle East. The continent of Cairo is Africa. Cairo's longitude and latitude 30.0 degrees n and 31.2 degrees E.

Average Temperature/Other Knowlegde

Average Temperature: Cairo's average temperature by year ranges in between 90 degrees fahrenheit range. It gets its average temperature from being so close to the equator line.

Average Precipitation: Its average precipitation by month is 41.68 inches. Cairo's average precipitation is from the sand dunes that have rain shadows that dry the other side of the sand hills after it rains.

Other Knowledge: Cairo has its climates form being located near the subtropical desert Biome.

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What Type Of Do You Need To Wear

You should wear sleeveless shirts, shorts, sunglasses, sandlas, and the color of the clothes should be all be bright colors like white, red, blue, and green.