The Mesozoic era

By Jacob Layton

What is the Mesozoic era?

The Mesozoic era started about 66 to 252 million years ago. The Mesozoic era was often known as the age of reptiles because they were the dominate organisms on the land and in the sea. The Mesozoic era started right after the Permian-Triassic event which was the largest mass exstinction in earths history and ended Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event.

What was it like living in the Mesozoic era?

Living in the early Mesozoic era was probably really hard because that was right after the mass extinction that killed about 85% of the worlds population encluding sea life, so there wasn't much food to eat and you had to know what to look for and where to go to get food. The first part of the era were mostly reptiles that came up to the average persons shoulder so they were really dependent on the desert plants that survived the event just before the era started. The big meat eating dinosaurs came later in that era since they had to evolve from average size reptiles it took them a wile for the dinosaurs to become that size.