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WFF Newsletter: Volume 1


Congratulations on being selected to attend the 2016 Women Foodservice Forum Leadership Conference. This is an amazing opportunity for you to learn and grow. Whether this is your first time or twentieth time attending, this Newletter serves as a communication tool; to keep you informed on next steps, and to build and enhance of WFF Community.
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Here are your next steps:

Step 1. Register for Conference: Click on the link to register for the conference. If you are going on Scholarship you will receive a code to cover the conference fee. Utilize the code at the end when the system prompts you for payment options. All others must cover this fee with a personal card. Once complete you will not only be registered for conference but you will be able to utilize all of the tools on the site for Professional growth and development.

Step 2. Take the Leadership Competency Assessment: This is located on the WFF website. This online assessment helps you understand your strengths and areas of opportunity. Utilize the results to have conversations with your manager and find classes that meet your development plan. This tool will help you plan for your Conference Curriculum.

Step 3. Register for Classes: Once you have taken your LCA and spoken to your manager, it is time to pick your classes!!!! You are responsible for filling your schedule with content and classes that build you as a leader and a professional.

** When looking at focus areas, consider taking 75% of classes that focus and highlight your areas of strengths. The other 25% of classes should focus on seminars that highlight areas of opportunity. We feel that this mix will allow you to get the most out of conference.

Step 4: Booking Your Travel:

We ask that all Gordon Food Service employees who are attending conference in March complete the travel survey. Please note you will need to have a travel profile completed in Concur before you take the Travel Survey. If you already have a travel survey you will not need to repeat this step.

Please complete Steps 1-4 by December 11th, 2015,

Conference Tips and Tricks

  • Order Business Cards: You will be handing out a lot of these at conference; we recommend that you set aside 50-100 cards to bring with you.
  • Connect with Your Community: If you have not attended before, selecting classes can seem overwhelming. Make sure to join our google community to reach out to others who have attended in the past. (See information on the Community below).

Missed the Conference Call on Monday?

Click on the link below to review the Powerpoint Presentation from yesterday's meeting.

2016 WFF Conference

Join Our Google Community

You will need to upgrade to Google Plus in order to participate in the community. This community is a great place to:

  1. Ask Questions
  2. Find Tools, Videos and Other Resources
  3. Start connecting with other attendees and members.

The WFF Community is open to any employee at Gordon Food Service who is interested in the Organization.