Indian Independence

Gandhi and the Salt March

By Katie Keech

About Gandhi (1869-1948):

  • Said to be the most spiritual, moral, and cultural leader of the 1900’s

  • 1919- leader of the Indian nationalist movement

  • Led the Salt March at the age of 60 with very poor health

  • Assassinated by a fellow Indian Nathuram Vinayak Godse because he didn’t like Gandhi's program of tolerance

  • Died at 79 as the "Father of India" and "The Mahatma" (means Great Soul)

Why did he march?

  • Salt imported from Britain

  • The British government unfairly taxed the production and sale of salt, which made it illegal for Indians to make or sell salt

  • Without salt, bodies cannot digest food, move our muscles, stay hydrated, or make our hearts beat

  • "I want world sympathy in this battle of Right against Might” -Gandhi

The Salt March

  • March 12, 1930- Gandhi gathered 78 people for the 240 mile march
  • Walked 12 miles straight until reached the ocean to gather the salt
  • British government wrote Gandhi a letter on what he hoped to achieve

  • There was lots of publicity, so more people joined the march as they went along
  • By the end of the march, there was a thousand people marching

  • FUN FACT: Gandhi spent 1 hour a day during the march to write in his journal

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What next?

  • Gandhi went to jail on March 4, 1930 and was released in January 1931

  • Police arrested 60,00-100,00 people for salt crimes and protests after the march

  • Gandhi continued with Indian Nationalist Movement and his program of tolerance

  • He helped people with their alcohol problems.

  • He treated everyone respectfully to help make one nation

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Assessment Question

Question: How did the participants demonstrate their belief system through their protests?

Answer: The participants demonstrate their belief system through their protests by showing how courageous they were against the British government and that they were not afraid of anything. For example, Gandhi was very courageous because he put together and led the Salt March to stand up for his country and people. Gandhi and his people marched for 240 miles with thousands of people joining. This means that many people would do anything to solve their conflict in society.

Katie Keech