Career Research Project


Paramedics provide an immediate response to emergency medical 911 calls. They are usually the first healthcare professional on the scene and are responsible for accessing a patients' condition and providing treatment and care before hospital admission.

General Duties

It is the job of paramedics to respond to 911 calls for medical assistance at accidents, emergencies, and other related incidents. They also assess the condition of patients who are injured or taken ill.


There are approximately 226,500 people currently employed as a paramedic. In this career the employment growth will increase 33.3% between 2010-2020. This job is most found in their hospitals and other medical facilities. Paramedics work mostly in metropolitan areas .


To be in the paramedic field, one must at least have an high school education and have passed the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians certification. On a personality level one must possess good communication skills and an outgoing, caring, and calm attitude. A paramedic must also have a good level of fitness and stamina. Two schools that can specialize in being a paramedic are NSU and UVA.

Common Injuries

Paramedics experience a much larger than average number of work-related injuries or illnesses. They deal with injuries such as fractures, burns, etc.


Beginning Salary: $24,420

Average Salary: $30,170

Exceptional Salary: $53,050

Personal Reflection

Though this is a decent paying job & would have the possibility to change people's lives, I would not be interested in this job. Being in this part of the medical is something I don't think I would enjoy. I honestly would like to get payed more than their average salary and I would not want the responsibility of other people's lives in my hands.