Physical Science in the Mountains

Jeeping in Aspen

Over the Summer I went Jeeping in the Aspen mountains. My pictures all represent earth science because I saw a lot of rock formations and different plant life up in the mountains.
I'd say that the most "interesting" part of our drive up the mountain was that fact that halfway up the mountain out Jeep started to overheat because of the thin air and the fact that dust from the person in front of us was getting sucked into the grill of the car.
Three things that you should know about me is that I don't work very well in groups, I tend to take over and lead, so I work better alone. Second, I really like things that have to do with tech, and I will ask to use a tech option whenever I can. And lastly, I don't like to raise my hand or to share for projects or things like that because I'm shy.