Haole: 'Amelika

The Death of Hawai'i by Americans


Hawai'i and the overthrow that occurred to its monarchy on January 17, 1893 would not have been possible if not for Presidents Benjamin Harrison, William McKinley, and minister John L. Stevens.

Hiastorical Signifigance

The overthrow and Annexation of Hawaii is like a ripple in History. In general, it meant nothing except to native Hawaiians who lost everything. But in the long run of history it meant much more than that. It greatly changed economy now that sugar could be easily imported, causing a massive boom. It painted an easy target for Japan during World War 2 which got the United States involved in the first place. Hawaii is a part of the United States that has caused numerous events to happen and occur to the United States; a small price to pay for removing freedom from a people.

Is Hawaii legally and lawfully a state?

Legally, according to international laws and policies of the 1800's, Hawaii is not legally a state or territory of the United States. It was enacted in a coupdetat by foreign and external forces, not internal causes. Therefore it is not legally a provisional government, a republic, a territory or a state.