Maroon Team

Sprint 45 Review

Client Stories

This sprint the Maroon team had a large focus on Highlights include:
  • Goal Line History and initial data pull changes: Goalline's contract was updated with the billing refresh and as a result changes were needed around history and initial data pulled on new dealer setups. These changes were made during the sprint.
  • VIG Migration spike: VIG will be renewing their contract soon and we will be looking to migrate them from Vehicle Service 1.1 to 1.3. Two separate stories were completed this sprint to determine effort on implement a brand new Corp verses adding Service 1.3 to the existing corp. Having the research should help the internal stakeholders make a decision on which method to pursue.
  • Fidelis Sales XLT Research: Reynolds will be making some changes to the sales file they are sending DMI so research was completed to determine impact. In addition, reserach was completed to make sure the mappings in place today are correct.
  • Ally Financial Case Matching Logic update: Ally was reporting issues of export containing limited data set due to records not matching up from case sensitivity issues from DMS data pulls verses the incoming Claims file. The matching logic was updated so records with these issues will match moving forward.
  • Case/Ref Character limit: A character limit was put in place on the case/ref ID pop-up for to ensure the client wasn't entering in more text than the incident can handle.
  • loaded record count incident enhancement: Workflow logic for was updated so the record count in the auto-generated incident would be included to provide more detail to the client on what to expect on the new dealer setups.

Internal stories

The team completed three stories revolving around security this sprint.

  • Add Auth2 authentication to custa
  • Add Auth2 authentication to inta
  • Add Auth2 authentication to
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Let's face it, at the end of the day it's all about the money. Although all work done may help increase setups/enrollments/monthlies or strengthen the relationship with the client long term that leads to revenue, the tangible revenue is as follows:

  • Sprint 45 one time: $0
  • Q4 one time to date: $145,130
  • FY16 re-occurring revenue: $162,235