Diego Gonzalez-Boneta.

By Brandon Simmons

Birthday (1990- )

Diego Andres Gonzalez Boneta was born on November 29, 1990 and is a Mexican singer and actor.

Early life and parents.

He was born in Mexico City, Mexico. His father is Mexican, while his mother was born in the United States, to a Puerto Rican father and Spanish mother.

Although he never knew his grandfather, Diego credits him for his musical talents.

Boneta speaks Spanish and English fluently.

Boneta has triple citizenship, the other two being from the U.S. and Spain.

Singing Career.

During his stunt in Rebelde, he released his debut album, titled Diego, in Mexico, Chile and Brazil in 2005.

The album was available for digital sale from April 3 2005 and was then released in the United States on April 24.

The first single, "Responde", which was loosely inspired on the 2000 hit single "A Mil Por Hora" by Lynda Thomas made it to #13 on the Mexican charts, but in 2006, "Responde", became a big success in other countries such as Argentina and Brazil.

Acting career.

He started his career in Mexico singing and acting. He worked extensively in television and appeared in the reality He was also in the teenage-oriented telenovela Rebelde.

In 2010, at 20 years-old, he appeared in the TV series Pretty Little Liars as Alex Santiago and in 90210 as Javier Luna which was "practically me with a different name" where he could sing and compose.

Famous quote.

"Overall I think that the most important thing is to have true friends, and always to stay true to yourself and never try to be somebody that you're not."