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Mrs. Koehler HAL May 2016

This Isn't REALLY Goodbye...

The old adage proves true once again! The days were so full, yet the year passed so quickly. What a year of learning and growth we've experienced together. I thoroughly loved working with your children and marveled at their enthusiasm, individuality, and teamwork. I am so fortunate to enjoy a career that does not feel like work! Starting next year, I will be fulfilling the role of K-12 HAL Facilitator for Bellevue Public Schools. I could not be more thrilled for the opportunity to work with students of all ages, their families, and fantastic teachers at every level. Thank you all for allowing me the privilege to work with your children, and I look forward to staying connected for years to come!

WordMasters Challenge Results

Congratulations to the following students whose combined scores on all three WordMasters Challenge tests placed them in the top 10 scorers in our district! The highest possible score on each test is 20, so the highest total score for all three tests is 60. What a valuable pursuit; learning advanced vocabulary in the context of an analogy format. Regardless of the outcome, developing a deeper familiarity with complex vocabulary, then making connections within analogies will benefit our students into high school and beyond. Although it seems like light years away, this kind of thinking is tremendous preparation for the ACT and SAT! Participants demonstrated determination and took initiative while preparing for the WordMasters, two valuable habits of successful scholars.

Bravo to our WordMasters!

Grade 4:

Kayla R. 43

Missy L. 36

Lex Z. 35

Grade 5:

Meleeya O. 46

Grade 6:

Catie C. 50

Robyn B. 47

Noetic Math Contest Results

The Noetic Math Contest is another fantastic academic contest our students can choose to take part in, and many do! The items on the "Noetic" often contain complex Algebra and Geometry concepts, and the students give a valiant effort when tackling them.

Students are recognized in three possible ways: the Team Winner is the student whose score is the highest at a particular grade level, the Honor Roll award will go to students whose scores are among the top 10% nationwide at a particular grade level, and the Honorable Mention award goes to those students whose scores are among the top 50% nationwide at a particular grade level. Congratulations to the following students:

Grade 4:

Honor Roll

Lex Z. 85

Riley F. 85

Honorable Mention

Kayla R. 75

Tyler T. 70

Mia M. 70

Bence B. 65

James V. 65

Makenzie H. 60

Missy L. 55

Laine M. 55

McKenzie B. 55

Grade 5:

Team Winner

Meleeya O. 95 (HR)

Honor Roll

Alexis R. 90

Honorable Mention

Otto K. 70

Tyler T. 70

Ammon P. 70

Jacob M. 70

Nate L. 65

McKenna B. 60

Lydia T. 55

Corwin P. 55

Nate B. 55

Grade 6:

Honor Roll

Steven B. 85

Robyn B. 85

Catie C. 85

Trace D. 85

Honorable Mention

Collin H. 80

Nathan W. 80

Austin W. 75

Jack M. 75

Leo R. 75

Mason C. 70

Alyssa F. 70

Jenna M. 70

Jackson M. 70

Creative Writing Summer Workshop

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