Why is the 4th Amendment important?

The right to privacy from the government.

The amendment protects us from unreasonable seizures.

The government can just take you in for questioning for no reason. Seizures are when you are taken in for "questioning". Like if you just walk by and you look suspicious they can just take you in for questioning. As a result seizures are violating our rights .

The amendment also protects us from unreasonable searches.

The government can search you for no reason. And it happens just because you look suspicious. For example they can search your library records. You can just walk by and they search you!! As a result searches are violating our rights to privacy.

The Patriot Act took away our rights to privacy.

The government were able to check our library records and our phone emails. Even our blood or medical records. As a result, the Patriot Act is a HUGE violation to our rights to privacy!!!!!!