Week 4 in First Grade

September 14 - September 18

Busy week ahead!

With the shortened week and bad weather, I expect your first grader is ready to spend some time outside this weekend! This coming week will be filled with events and visitors on campus. Please be sure to read all the way down to know about most of the activities your first grader will be talking about this week.

The invitations have gone out, and this Friday, September 18, will be Dooley's Annual Grandparents Day Lunch. The students are looking forward to this day. If you are aware that someone will be joining your child for lunch, please let your child's teacher know.


Our homework goal is to provide reading, spelling, and math practice Monday through Thursday that does not exceed 30 minutes. Please make sure that our child returns all parts of the homework to school daily.

  • Reading: (15 minutes) It is important at this stage of reading development to monitor as your child reads aloud from his/her assigned book(s) and paper stories. Use the word sort sheet for quick drill.

  • All homework books must be returned daily.

  • Spelling: (5-10 minutes) Please give our child oral and written practice with the weekly spelling list. There will a spelling test on Fridays, which will include up to two sentences of dictation.

  • Math: (10 minutes) In the front pocket of your child's binder you will find one math review sheet to be completed by Friday.

Please read and initial your child’s homework sheet daily.

The homework sheet can also be used as a means to keep you informed of weekly events, and as a place for you to communicate with the teachers.

Events this Week

  • National Anthem's 201st Birthday! Wear red, white, and/or blue
  • Library Day (Johnson) - This week only!
  • Library Day (Burke)


  • Library Day (Boehm)



  • Wear Dooley Spirit wear/Dooley Blue
  • Weekly Homework Due/Spelling Test
  • Grandparent's Day Luncheon (12:10 pm)
  • Family Night at the Plano Balloon Festival

Star Spangled Music Day

Monday, Sep. 14th 2015 at 8pm

Dooley Flagpole

On Monday, September 14 we will be celebrating the 201st birthday of our National Anthem, The Star Spangled Banner! To celebrate, students and teachers will be heading out to the flag pole at 8AM to raise the flag, say the pledge, and sing together. I am also inviting all the kids to wear red, white, and blue or anything patriotic to add to the fun! Mark your calendars and join us if you would like and wear your favorite patriotic clothing! Thanks everyone! -Ms. Wooten ‪#‎Anthem201

Grandparents Day Lunch

Friday, Sep. 18th 2015 at 12pm

2425 San Gabriel Drive

Plano, TX

Dooley Elementary invites Grandparents, and those who are like grandparents to join their first grader for lunch. This is a popular tradition at Dooley!

Please note that 1st grade's lunch time is from 12:10 - 1:00

This Week in Literacy, students will be able to...

...determine the beginning, middle, and end of a story.

...identify a statement

Spelling Pattern: short i

Word Family: _in, _it, _iss

This week's Spelling City list is U1W3

This week in Math, students will be able to...

...discover that the missing part of a whole can be found when the whole and the other part are known.

...understand that a missing part of a whole is one interpretation of subtraction.

...use a subtraction number sentence to show a missing part of a subtraction situation.

...understand how separating parts from a whole is one interpretation of subtraction.

The attached page is an explanation of the strategies we are teaching in class.

Big image

This week in Social Studies, students will be able to...

...demonstrate how to be a responsible citizen.

...listen carefully to their classmates.

...discuss the constitution

The district has purchased a subscription to Pebble Go: Social Studies. It is accessible through this link: http://goo.gl/lWl4F8 This week we are looking at "Responsibilities"

This week in Science, students will be able to...

...begin to understand and communicate the importance of sound energy.

...communicate information based on observations that energy makes things happen.

We are writing to tell you about our next unit in Science called Music Makers. Over the next few weeks, students will be working to answer the question: How can we design and create musical instruments with a variety of sounds to perform as an orchestra for our principal? Throughout this unit, students will show their learning by:

  • making and recording detailed observations
  • classifying examples of different forms of energy
  • explaining how sound energy is important to everyday life
  • describing and demonstrating how sound energy is made and is affected by force and motion
  • describing how a system works

We know a strong partnership with you will make a great difference in your child’s education. You can support your child’s learning by talking with your child about this unit and encouraging her/him to ask questions and think hard.

We are looking forward to our Music Makers embarking on their journey of learning!

Upcoming Events

P. A. C. K. Week - September 21-25

Dooley will be participating in a healthy initiative called P.A.C.K. WEEK – Pack Assorted Colors for Kids Week, September 21st - 25th, 2015. This fun and educational program will be aimed at encouraging kids to eat more fruits and vegetables.

The focus of P.A.C.K. Week is on eating a wide variety of colorful fruits and vegetables, as each has its own nutritional benefits. To get the broadest range of nutrients, all colors are important – purple, orange, red, yellow, and green. And kids love eating the rainbow! Each day of P.A.C.K. week has been assigned a different color and we’re asking parents to pack a fruit or vegetable in their child’s lunch box based on the color of the day and also to send a snack of that same color. You may also want to encourage your student to wear something of the color of the day!! Here are the days of P.A.C.K. week with some packing tips to make it easy;

Monday, September 21st is pack green day.

Go green with celery sticks, broccoli florets or a crisp, green apple

Tuesday, September 22nd is pack orange day.

Baby carrots, orange segments, dried apricots, or orange juice

Wednesday, September 23rd is pack red day.

Strawberries are a favorite, and other tasty options are red pepper slices, tomato wedges, or a delicious red apple.

Thursday, September 24th is pack yellow day.

Bananas, yellow peaches, pineapple, or unsweetened applesauce.

Friday, September 25th is pack Purple /Blue day.

A child-friendly way to “pack Purple/Blue” is with grape juice, grapes raisins or blueberries.

There are lots of ways to be creative and pack more healthy fruits and vegetables into your child’s day.

Please join us at Dooley as we celebrate P.A.C.K. Week!!!!!

Conference Day - Monday, October 12

Monday, October 12 is set aside for our first conference day of the year. Your child's teacher will be sending out information about sign-up times via Bloomz.

After School Programs

After School Programs at Dooley will be starting the week of September 14.

To register, please go to the website associated with the program you choose.

Mondays...DramaKids. www.dramakids.com/tx3

Mondays...Chess. www.chessamerica.org

Tuesdays...Bricks, Bots, & Beakers. http://app.mainstreetsites.com/dmn3057/classes.apx

Thursdays...Young Rembrandts. www.youngrembrandts.com