End of the Year ABC Countdown!

End of the year ABC countdown!

This year Cooper School is counting down to the end of the school year from A to Z! The countdown will start THURSDAY, May 3rd and will go through the last day of school. You can follow the countdown below OR download and print a copy to post at home. This is not required, so participate when you can and don't worry if you can't.

May 3rd A— Animal Day- Bring in your favorite stuffed animal today.

May 4th B—Burlington DREAMS day - Today we’re celebrating all of cool educational and career opportunities that are out there for students in the future! Today Wear a shirt from a college, technical school, or the military OR wear orange and black for the Burlington Demons

May 7th C—Cooper Day—Wear your Cooper spirit wear or blue and white

May 8th D—Drawing Day—you may draw during your free time

May 9th E—Exercise Day—wear your favorite exercise clothes and it’s BIKE to school day for 2nd and 3rd grade!

May 10th F— Fuzzy slipper day- Wear your PJ’s and fuzzy slippers today. It’s also staff appreciation day!

May 11th G—Green and Gold Day—Wear Packer clothes or anything green and gold

May 14th H—Hat Day—wear your favorite hat to school

May 15th I- “I” Day- Come to school today prepared to share something about yourself.

May 16th J—Joke Day—Find a joke you can share with the class

May 17th K—Kindness Day—Do something KIND for someone today!

May 18th L— Letter Day- Write a letter to a friend or family member today.

May 21st M—Music Day—We’ll have a few fun dance party songs on the announcements today.

May 22nd N—Necklace/Necktie Day—wear a necklace or necktie to


May 23rd O—Outside Day—we will spend time outside today

May 24th P—Patriotic Day- wear your RED, WHITE, and BLUE for our Memorial day presentation

May 25th Q—Quiet reading day- Bring a blanket or pillow and enjoy some quiet reading time in your classroom today.

May 29th R—Rainbow Day- Wear as many colors as you can today.

May 30th S—Sunglasses day- Wear your favorite sunglasses today

May 31st T—T-shirt Day—wear your favorite t-shirt

June 1st U—Uplifting Day- Give compliments to many people to day to lift them up!

June 4th V—Video Day- Watch a video with your class today.

June 5th W—Wear your favorite color today

June 6th X—Xtra Recess Day—we will have an extra recess today

June 7th Y—Year end clean up day—we will clean the classroom


You can download a printable PDF of the ABC countdown below: