Safety Data Sheet


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Atomic mass: 47.62719885 kg

Symbol: Hb

Discoverers: Sjamesdoh (Sj) Shdoh (Sd)

Hanbanan is very highly concentrated in Talent N' More, Richardson High School and coffee, and is always moving. While there are very low deposits found in beds or pillows.

Physical Properties

  • Surface properties include light skin, bruises, brown hair, and big brown eyes.
  • It boils when it is working in places of high concentration.
  • It melts if there is a low concentration or it cannot move due to this low concentration.
  • It can cause bruising if it touches skin or mixes with other particular elements.
  • Specimens can be found in various states such as:

a. Tired- due to high concentration in Talent N' More and Richardson High School

b. Stressed- due to high concentration in Richardson High School

c. Excited- from high concentration in Talent N' More and coffee, or when changing from high concentrations to low concentrations.

d. Fast- after being in low concentrations for a long period of time

Chemical Properties

  • It is repelled by long nights of homework.
  • It is attracted to carbohydrates and dance.
  • May spontaneously explode if touched in places of low concentration or if it is touched in a tired state and is in a high concentration but needs to be in a low deposit.
  • Hanbanan needs many amounts of h20, caffeine, and calories.
  • It is inert if found after numerous hours in Talent N' More or Richardson High School
  • It will repel other elements in the state of irritable or overly hyper.
  • It is impervious to tea and carbohydrates or liquids with lots of glucose.