7th Grade Science

Hamilton Middle School

Week at a Glance: (Subject to Change)

Monday 1/11- Survival Island & Introduction to Darwin

Tuesday 1/12- Charles Darwin Notes

Wednesday 1/13- Beak Lab

Thursday 1/14- Internal Structure & Selective Breeding Notes

Friday 1/15- Natural Selection Gizmo

Homework: (Subject to Change)

Monday: Look over vocab (Study Buddy)

Tuesday: Look over notes & vocab

Wednesday: Finish any work from today's lab

Thursday: Any work owed

Friday: Finish Gizmo, if needed

Important Dates:

1/18- Off for MLK Day

1/21- Natural Selections Unit Test

1/26- Progress Report Grades Due

Wish List:

Glue Sticks


Hand Sharpeners

Index Cards

Zip Ties