Civil Engineering

by Huzaifa Aziz

Job Duties and Responsibilities

Civil Engineers help design and build structures like buildings, bridges, dams, highways, railways and sewers.

Average Wage


Possible Work Locations

  • Civil Engineers would work at engineering firms, manufacturing and construction companies, and government agencies.
  • Work outdoors doing on-site inspections and supervising the construction process.

Possible Work Hours

  • 8-10 hours a day
  • 40-50 hours a week

Education and Training Required

  • must have at least a bachelor's degree in civil engineering or a closely related field
  • a master's degree or phD can improve your chances at advancement
  • Education required: University

Compulsory or Voluntary Trade?

Civil Engineering is both, it is for compulsory members and voluntary members.

Opportunities for Advancement & What Would be Required

  • Civil Engineers with enough experience may move into senior positions, such as project managers or functional managers.
  • You would need to obtain the Professional Engineer's License because only licensed engineers can assume responsibilities for public projects.

Possible Hazards

  • When working in high places, you could fall and injure yourself
  • Injury/death if something falls on you eg., floor or wall
  • Electrocution if you touch "live" electric wires
  • Having to deal with extreme warm temperatures
  • Injuries with muscular and skeletal systems

Opportunities for Travel

If you're a civil engineer and working for a government agency, the work they want you to do might take you abroad.

Personal Qualities Recommended

  • Critical thinking
  • Resourceful
  • Inquisitive
  • Cooperative

Skills Needed

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Communication skills
  • An interest in construction and building
  • Math and computer skills
  • An understand of business

Will there be a demand for this trade in the future in Canada?

Yes, by 2018 people who are looking for a job in civil engineering will increase by 300 people while the job openings will decrease by roughly 300. So there will be more job seekers than job openings making this trade very competitive.