End of the Year

You're off the Great Places! You're off and away!

Thank you for supporting your child, our class, and me this school year. It has been a whirlwind at the end of the year. So many activities and academic requirements all coming together at the same time. But, we did it. And, I do mean we. You have worked hard and your children have been as busy as bees.

As I described last night, personality was the key to this year. This class has loads of different personalities. But, they all melded together to create a fun and interesting place to teach and learn each day. Please continue to encourage your child's individual personalities and academic growth.

I will miss seeing all these kids daily. Please encourage your child to update me on their progress and accomplishments.

Report Card was sent home today!

Items in your report card envelope

  • report card
  • summer fun ideas
  • i-Ready district letter
  • link to 2015-2016 pictures