Roman Justice

Roman vs U.S. Ideas of Citizenship,Law&Justice

Rights of citizens

-Able to vote

-Hold official offices - civil and government

-Own property and write contracts

-Go to court

Not everyone had equal rights

•male had limit rights

-no voting or government offices

•slaves were property with almost no

rights - small chances for freedom

•Freedman were former slaves with limited


Imigrant citizens

The children of freedman and woman

- would be born as full Roman citizens

Follow the laws

•Foccused on:


-could not get divorced


- what you are given when

a family member dies

Contracts between people

•Laws were written in the U.S.

so you didn't need to go ask

people what the laws were

Roman Justice

- Connected to life, liberty, and pursuit of


• We see that in the declaration of independence

Judges made court decisions from trials

and evidence


Roman punishments:

•Fit the crime commited

-Fines - pay money


-Banishments - have to leave Rome


-Execution if guilty of treason

•Patricide - killing your father, was

punished by being drowned

in a river

•Slaves were beaten, harder work, or often



•Here in the U.S. if you commit a crime

you are sent to jail or put in to sleep for