My Dream Career

Paige Thompson

Special Education Teacher/Occupational Therapist

My dream career would be to work with a variation of different special education children, working short hours during the week in the school building, and able to visit the kids one on one in their homes to get a better idea of how they are in a home environment and work on them with individualized lesson plans. I would make about $100,000 a year, and would get paid summers off.

Getting Started

In order to get started in this field you would have to attend 4-years of college. Immediately following that you would get started at a paid internship for two years. Finally, you would go into the work field where plenty of well-paying job opportunities await.
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By choosing this career you would be choosing to work under a school board like all other teachers do, however, you would have special privileges and essentially be your own boss. Although, you would still have to follow the rules and regulations put into place by the schools board, you will be able to freely make professional decisions for yourself and your team of teachers.
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