Miss Krueger's Kindergarten

January 10th, 2016

Winter Break Reading Challenge Reward

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Reading and Writing

This week, we read The Enormous Carrot. The students predicted and later sequenced what happened in the story. We have been reviewing the vowel sounds as well.

Most of the students have finished the rough draft of their first story. Now, they are beginning to make a final copy! They have been using their new finger space tool to make sure that their words do not run together. They will continue to work on this next week and some will begin a new story.


We began our new chapter on addition. The kids are doing wonderful with this! We've talked about story problems and the phrase "How many in all?". They caught on very quick with reading number sentences with the terms plus and equals.

Theme: Arctic Animals

The class looked at what special characteristics that Arctic animals have. They noticed that many have thick fur and blubber. They got a chance to try out "blubber gloves" to see how cold it would be for the animals in the snow without blubber.

We used the website PebbleGo to learn about caribou, Arctic foxes, polar bears, and penguins.

Our school has bought a subscription that you can use at home. Check it out below!

Username: cambria Password: school

Trying out the blubber gloves

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Upcoming Dates

January 15th - End of 2nd Quarter

January 18th - NO SCHOOL

January 29th - Scholastic Book Orders Due

Next Week

  • FOSS Science: Wood and Paper
  • Reviewing Letters
  • Sight Words: as, of