Computer Parts


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The motherboard is possibly the most important piece in the computer. it holds all the most crucial parts of the computer usually located at the bottom of a computer case. The motherboard allows all the parts of the computer to receive power and communicate with each other.
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That is a complicated version of a motherboard.
Parts of a Motherboard

RAM (Random Accesorie Unit)

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The RAM stands for Random Accessories Unit. This is the place in the computer the date is currently kept so that is can be quickly used by the computers compressor. the RAM can be accessed randomly. It is also the place in the computer where the operation systems, application systems and data in current use are kept so that they can be quickly reached by the computers possessor. The opposite of a RAM is Serial Access Memory (SAM). SAM stores data as a series of memory cells that can be only accessed by a sequence of parts.
What is RAM? (Random Access Memory) - Computer Basics