Save South China Tigers

We Need To Help These Animals

Why Are They Endangered ?

South China Tigers are endangered because of habitat loss and poaching. They have not been seen in the wild for twenty years , so scientists believe they may be extinct in the wild. They like mountains, cold forests , and moist forests. We can help by cutting down on paper, or you can remind the President that our government inaction to close loopholes on captive tigers leave wild tigers vulnerable.
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All About South China Tigers

Tigers are the biggest wildcats. South China Tigers are about five to five and a half feet long. They are reddish orange with dark stripes. The have sharp teeth and claws for hunting. South China Tigers can eat deer ,Wild pigs, Water buffalo, antelope, Sloth bears, dogs, leopards, crocodiles, pythons, monkeys, and hares. The cubs are usually born in the Winter mostly in December . Male tigers will try to kill other female's cubs to force them into mating. South China Tigers are amazing.