Hss Habitats Safty Sientest

By; Rivers M. Marissa M. Abel V. Jonathan H.

Constructive Effects

Construction creates homes for us. It also provides grocery stores for us. Also schools.

Destructive Effects

Building more homes kills more animals.We are also destroying food chains.

Proposed Solutions for the School Board

We already have enough roads so please don't make alot of roads. Have more zoos for animals. Have more vets and animal shelters.

Stance and justification

Our group is against contruction because of all the animals dieing and the polution .

What Would Happen if the School Board Accepts the Proposal

More anmals would live . Less extinct animals . We,ll have more camps to camp at.

What Would Happen if they don't Eccept our Proposal

If they don't eccept our proposal lots of animals will become extienct. No more camps to camp at.