The Holocaust

The Holocaust should be taught more in our public schools

The Holocaust should be taught more in schools all across the world because it teaches the children about our past, it engages them in critical thinking and self-reflection, and makes us remember the thousands of lives that were lost during this terrible event.

The Holocaust teaches us about our history

If history is taught in an engaging way, teens learn about the significance of past events and can relate them to their own lives, according to Lynne Munson, the Executive Director of Common Core. "It's the knowledge of a subject like history that gives you the wisdom you need to put your own life in a broader context, and know what you might be capable of in the future, by knowing what people have done in the past," Munson says. "Without a knowledge of history, your world is very small." Learning about the Holocaust and other events in our history will not only make this generation smarter but will also make us learn and find out what happened in our past.

It reminds us to remember the lives that were lost

So many innocent family members, friends, and several kids were killed in the Holocaust and it is our job to remember them. When kids are taught more about the Holocaust they will think of and remember the thousands of lives that were lost

It engages the kids in critical thinking

If children learn more about the Holocaust they engage in more critical thinking. Learning more about the Holocaust in our schools will make our schools and our communities smarter.

In Conclusion

With all that said, learning more about the Holocaust will teach us more about our history, it will engage us in critical thinking, and it also makes us remember all the thousands of lives that were taken during this horrific event