Baseball in the 1930's

some info on baseball in the 1930's

Attendance during the depression.

During the great depression many baseball owners feared that fans would not show up and they would have to shut down the team. Attendance was down but people still showed up and none of the teams have to shutdown or move. People bought less souvenirs and food which put a dent in profits. Attendance hardly changed only down by 14% compared to the 1930's

Players salary being cut

Salaries for the big leaguer took a small cut and wages didn't rise at all. But players didn't complain they were grateful to have a job.

Locations of teams

Most teams were in the Midwest and East coast. They didn't have teams on the west coast because it was to much money to drive or fly which would cost money they didn't have.For this reason teams were located so close it didn't cost much. 8 teams were in the Midwest and and 9 teams located on the east coast.