Unit 1 assessment

Zach Barrett

Self Esteem.

  1. Experiences in a person's life are a major source of self-esteemdevelopment. The positive or negative life experiences one has, creates attitudes toward the self which can be favourable and develop positivefeelings of self-worth, or can be unfavourable and develop negative feelings of self-worth.

Who are you?

I am Zacharias Kimsey Barrett!!!


Guitar, Football, hanging out with friends, playing video games, reading (if its a good book), listening to music, and traveling.

Dislikes :(

homework, school projects, disappointment, people that are aggravating, etc.. I feel like its easier to think of things I like than things I dislike.
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25 things I would like to do in my lifetime.

Name:___Zach Barrett___________________________ Date:__2/24/2015_______________________


One young man made a list of 100 things he would like to do in his life. By the time he was 45 years old, he had done 71 of those things. Some of his goals were to learn to sky dive, float down the Nile River, make a pair of leather sandals, and play the flute. What are at least 25 things you would like to do? Travel, learn how to play an instrument, start a new hobby? Start planning today and you will make it happen too!

1. _____________________Skydive_______________________________

2. __________play in the Nfl______________________________________

3. ________Dunk___________________________________________

4. ___________Get married___________________________________

5. _______________________bungi jump____________________________

6. __________________________________go hunting____________________________

7. ____________go to Rio


8. __________ Have 50 million dollars


9. ______________go to Hawaii________________________________________________

10. __________own my own store____________________________________________________

11. ____win the lottery__________________________________________________________

12. ______________meet someone famous________________________________________________

13. ________go to college______________________________________________________

14. _____do a backflip off a cliff_________________________________________________________

15. _______________learn how to play the violin_______________________________________________

16. ______________________________________________________________

17. ___play with a lion___________________________________________________________

18. ___lip sync “ice ice baby” at a talent show___________________________________________________________

19. ___be in a movie___________________________________________________________

20. _____go to california_________________________________________________________

21. ______own a mansion________________________________________________________

22. _____have a lambo_________________________________________________________

23. _______throw a big party_______________________________________________________

24. ____save an animal__________________________________________________________

25. ______complete my list________________________________________________________

Brain Dominance

I learned that I think with 53% of the left side of my brain, and 47% right.

Learning style

I am a Auditory and Tactile learner.