Faculty & Staff Notes



Thank you for the gift card. Between my birthday gift in November and now a gift for Christmas, I am feeling a little spoiled!

After a week with visits from the principal group, an awesome performance from our Dynamic Drummers and choir, and Breakfast with Santa, we are in the FULL swing of the Christmas festivities. What fun!! To increase the fun, we have a week of Christmas treats to honor you.

  • ALL WEEK: Jeans - No Pass Required

  • MONDAY: Snacks from leadership team.
Enjoy a yummy treat during your meeting.

  • TUESDAY: Sonic drinks on me
Place your order for your favorite Sonic drink before 7:45 on Tuesday.

  • WEDNESDAY: Mailbox Treat
Check your mailbox for a Christmas remembrance from DES.

  • THURSDAY: Gift for next semester
Thursday will yield a gift that will last longer than the holiday.

  • FRIDAY: As soon as students are all dismissed, it is time to make sure all your
Christmas and holiday decorations are put away. I will let you know
when everyone is finished so you can go for a nice lunch with colleagues.

I appreciate your openness this semester. We are finishing our first semester strong and starting the second semester with great momentum. Thank you all for flipping our hectic start into great things for Dove students.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Proud to be your principal,

Cindy Galloway



3 B's Rule and Hairdryer Rule are still the expectation for dress. If your choice for the day is leggings, please make sure your top is long enough that it is acceptable in length . . .

Got questions? We can always grab some new volunteers for another fashion show to help clarify. Or, you can just ask.


...um...The gym was a bit packed on Friday. I thought our students did well for the most part. Lesson learned: schedule the morning assembly, mark gym floor space for our students, and bring a camera for our students giggles during the shoulder-shimmy performance.


As choir, dynamic drummers, and cardio club are dismissing on time this week, please be sure we are attentive during dismissal. We had a few students last week who were running around with friends who have parents present then coming back to the car pick up area whenever parent pull in. If you notice this, please let me know or simply let students know that they are required to stay in the pick-up area the entire time.



  • Team Leaders in Conference Room
Book Study: Leaders Eat Last - jigsaw of chapters
  • CEC: General Discussion followed by break out groups (Grades/Marquee/Furniture)
I will be visiting both groups, CEC & Team Leaders - Jamie, Ashley, & Tanya will be

providing leadership support as I move between groups

  • Geography Bee will begin as soon as telescoping students arrive.
  • This will be closer to 9:15, than the scheduled time of 9:00.


  • 1-1 Prep Begins: Both Labs Reserved - Technology Services [NO iPADS]


  • 1st Grade Caroling in Halls: 8:15
  • Dynamic Drummers & Choir Performance: 9:00
  • Christmas Parties: May begin @ 10:00
  • Early Dismissal: 11:45

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