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Ultra Omega Burn Review - Does This Omega 7 Oil Supplement Really Work?

I recently came across a new fat burning supplement called "Ultra Omega Burn" which has apparently been creating a great deal of buzz online. *

Read my review below to learn the whole story about UltraOmegaBurn.com

Nothing quite beats the feeling of slipping into a pair of jeans you haven’t put on for years and having them fit comfortably.

It's an amazing feeling that unfortunately not enough of us are able to experience. It makes you feel great about yourself to know that you've actually done it and accomplished your weight loss goal...

This is definitely something that can make you feel a deep sense of pride, and it also feels great knowing that you've done something to be truly healthy.

But how do you reach this goal?

Many people are raving about this rare nutrient contained in Ultra Omega Burn - that may even have the power to help reduce bad cholesterol, reverse the risk of diabetes, improve digestion, and even revitalize your skin to a clear, and glowing condition. *

Basic Information On Ultra Omega Burn

When it comes to weight loss supplements, there is a lot of garbage out there, and a lot of products that simply don't work.

Personally, I've found it to be extremely difficult to figure out which diets, exercise programs and supplements actually work to get the job done and which ones are just a waste of time.

But - this new product Ultra Omega Burn really seems to be something different. It's a nutritional supplement made out of pure Omega 7 oil. I had heard of Omega 3s and Omega 6s, but never Omega 7s - but apparently they can be very helpful for weight loss.

Omega 7 is also called palmitoleic acid. And this particular product contains "cold-pressed" which means it was produced using an extraction method that keeps these Omega 7 molecules from becoming degraded.

Ultra Omega Burn was created by a nutrition researcher named Derek Evans from Nutra Active Pte Ltd.

Ultra Omega Burn - How It Works:

The idea behind how Ultra omega Burn works is really pretty interesting...

Apparently, many scientists used to believe that fat cells were just basically like these "balloons" which stored lipids (fat) inside them.

But now some new research that has been done by scientists at Harvard appears to reveal a different story.

In fact, some folks now believe that these fat cells can receive special signals that tell them to "open up" and release their stored fat.

Once the fat cells loosen their grip then these lipids are then apparently available for the body to burn as a fuel source…

But wait - It gets even better! Then on top of that your cells can also apparently send signals to your muscles, heart, liver and other organs telling them to burn that free floating fat up!

So as I understand it - this process can potentially allow a person to burn up their fat stores as much a four or five times as effectively as the normally would.

And of course it's the Omega 7 (palmitoleic acid) in Ultra Omega Burn that people think sets this chain of events into motion.

Ultra Omega Burn Ingredients:

The Ultra Omega Burn Ingredient list is pretty straightforward...

The active ingredient is Palmitoleic Acid 250 mg (Omega 7 fatty acid)

It also contains gelatin, glycerin and purified water.

No sketchy, weird or untested ingredients.

Ultra Omega Burn Pros & Cons:

PRO - So much scientific research says this can work. This is something that has been studied extensively and there is a ton of evidence that seems to show that Ultra Omega Burn has incredible potential for success!

PRO - TONS of other great benefits. In addition to the obvious potential weight loss benefit - research indicates that the active ingredient in Ultra Omega Burn may also help improve your skin, hair, nails, and even more!

PRO - Safe and Natural. Ultra Omega Burn has no side-effects or safety warnings. It is safe, all-natural, and made in the USA in FDA monitored, GMP compliant labs, and gets tested by third party labs.

PRO - Full 365 Day Money Back Guarantee. Buying supplements online can be frustrating because you never really know if it is going to work for you (even if there are tons of testimonials and cutomer reviews, like there are for Ultra Omega Burn) until you actually try it out.

CON - Ultra Omega Burn is NOT AVAILABLE on Amazon, GNC or in any stores. And there are fake knock off products currently online.

Real, genuine ultra Omega Burn is only available through the official website at UltraOmegaBurn.com.

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