French Broad

By, Carter and Joanna

Facts about the French Broad river basin

  • The River is located in the North West part of North Carolina and meets up with the mighty Mississippi river.
  • The stream spans 3985 miles.
  • About 485140 people live in the French broad area when the census was done in 2010
  • The headwaters spill from waterfalls in Transylvania county

Important facts about the river basin

Mount mitchel stretches 6684 feet skyward next to the river, Tributares that join the french broad in tennesse, The mills, Davidson And savvanoa are major tributaries of the french broad river in NC, Asheville is the basins largest city, Flat rock in hendersonville in the upper French broad

Non-point sources

  • Runoff from mountains
  • pollution discharged from a paper meal
  • the people living on the mountains have waste being put into the water
  • The water could be redirected to a water purifier
  • The water from the paper mill could be cleaned before it is sent into the water stream
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This picture shows how the French Broad is moving going towards the south and will meet up with the lakes in the southern states.
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This picture shows a wildlife officer taking fish from a fish hatchery to put them into the French Broad.
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The French Broad has had a few alligator cases but no one has been engered
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The French Broad is home to many different plants like moss, oak trees, and shrubs that are all wild.