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Edition #17 November 21st, 2021

Message from SRO Kintzel


I am broken-hearted at the number of our students derailed and damaged by participation in Social Media. Social Media is extremely powerful. I'm not saying it's always bad, in fact, I'm communicating with you now through a platform. However, please receive a gentle reminder; teens are developing, maturing, and learning who they are. They are prone to mistakes, and many of the mistakes teens make on Social Media could be considered criminal or cause great trauma and embarrassment.

Teens need help learning to set boundaries and guidance about what they choose to be involved in. Teens need to discuss the things they actually have the power to change and realize that Social Media is not reality; it can be staged and fake. If you add the element of perceived anonymity, and you have a world in which many teens are not yet mature enough to participate.

Parents, please know the usernames/accounts/passwords to all of the Apps and platforms your teen has downloaded. Make it your business to know how the apps work. It is recommended you know who they are gaming with and what chat rooms they visit. I suggest that if your teen will not willingly hand you their smartphone at any time, you have discovered the first discussion topic. Social Media is optional; there are many teens who opt-out to avoid all the drama.

Many platforms now offer a private message option. Students now even communicate by creating and sharing documents through Google. Several apps have a function where messages, videos, and pictures delete after a preset amount of time. However, there is no way to stop those messages from being captured prior to when they delete. Again, your teen is trying to negotiate in a bate and switch virtual world. They need an adult's help staying safe. Please help them! If you would like additional information, please contact SRO Kintzel at Andover High School.


  • November 24th - 26th - NO SCHOOL, Thanksgiving Break
  • December 15th - 17th - Fall Finals


  • November 22nd - Winter Sports Pictures (picture packet info at the bottom of newsletter)
  • December 1st - 7:00am Winter guard in dance studio
AHS Apparel

Click this button to purchase all your Trojan Apparel needs! Christmas is coming. The store will be open November 9th - 23rd.

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Seatbelts Are For Everyone (SAFE)

Sign up for the first Seatbelts Are For Everyone drawing had to be moved to November 22 and 23rd due to scheduling conflicts. Sorry for the confusion, and please look for Officer Kintzel and friends to sign your pledge card.
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Trojan Take Back CLICK HERE

Trojan Take Back is an alternative approach to helping students with an addiction to vaping. Please reach out to the counselors to learn more about how this opportunity can help your student.

Winter Guard

The Winter Guard activity group starts Wednesday, Dec. 1at at 7:00 am in the dance studio/old wrestling room! Sign-up forms are available in the office. Forms and a $36 fee for flag silks are due by Dec. 8.


Attendance Procedures

We have a large number of unexcused absences this year!! If a student is absent, we ask that the parent call the high school, 316-218-4600. Please do so as early as possible on the day of the absence. The office phones are in operation beginning at 7:30 a.m. Any student not excused by a phone call on the day of absence or by a written note on the day they return to school will be classified as unexcused until the parent contacts the school. Please check PowerSchool to check your student's attendance.

Hiring Paraprofessionals

Andover High School is Hiring paraprofessionals!

This position is great:

  • For parents who would like the same schedule as their students
  • If you care about education but don't want the full responsibilities of a teacher...
  • If you have a knack for reaching and communicating with people
  • If you love kids!

Come join our team - 32.5 hours between 7:50 and 2:50 M-F

Contact Sheryl Wiele ( if interested!

Detention Schedule

This is a link to the detention schedule.

Counselors Corner

  • Counselors spoke with senior English classes this previous week about a process for them to apply to get off-hours in their schedule for next semester. The application was shared with students, and it is due on December 1st.
Click HERE for the Sports Picture Packet. Pictures are Monday, November 22nd.

Notes From the Athletic Office


  • Winter Sports introductions and parent meetings will be on November 22nd, more information will come later.
  • Bowling tryouts will be on December 6th.
AVCTL Calendar

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