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Francesca's- Specialty Store

Francesca's attracts customers with their variety of high-quality products. This sweet boutique sells clothes, shoes, and accessories that appeal to young women.

Francesca's cross-sells by having outfits planned out around the store. When trying on an item of clothing, employees often try to convince you to buy the perfect pair of shoes or earrings to match.

Francesca's upsells by presenting the customer with a more upscale version of the product. The employees try to convince you to purchase the more expensive product because it looks more appealing and will last longer.

The Icing by Claire's- Specialty Store

The Icing attracts customers with their inexpensive variety of accessories. Young girls, teens, and women are able to buy jewelry, scarves, etc. at a reasonable price.

The Icing cross-sells through their store organization. By placing similar items, such as sunglasses and hats near each other, the consumer is more likely to realize she needs to both of those items.

Because The Icing is a fairly inexpensive store, it upsells, by providing their customers with the most expensive products, and ensuring that it is a higher quality product.

Victoria's Secret- Specialty Store

Victoria's Secret attracts customers with their high-end lingerie products. The enticing colors, patterns, and designs appeal to the teenage girl and women consumers.

Victoria's Secret cross-sell through their employees. Victoria Secret workers do not only present the products that you came into purchase, but similar items that will go with it. For example if you come in to by a bra, they will most likely show you matching underwear.

Victoria's Secret upsells by advertising insanely expensive items, such as the Fantasy Bra, on worldwide models. Sometimes, upon viewing a pretty women wearing a product, you begin to want the product as well. At the time you do not realize it, but a lot of the time you are more interested in the feeling beautiful aspect of the product, and not the product itself.

Banana Republic- Speciality Score

Banana Republic appeals to their men and women consumers through their high-end fashion products that exude a classy look.

Banana Republic cross-sells by placing different accessories with their clothing. Throughout the store, the mannequins are accessorized accordingly. If you like an item of clothing, the employees try to convince you that the right accessory will complete your look.

Banana Republic upsells by showing customers not only what they came for, but different, more expensive, products that appeal even more to the high-class look they want to achieve.

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Coach- Speciality Store

This high quality, high-end brand has created a name for itself. The Coach is mainly handbags, but sells accessories as well.

Coach cross-sells by showing customers with matching wallets and wristlets that go along with their handbags.

Coach upsells by presenting customers with the larger, and more useful bags, convincing them that it will be worth the higher price in the long run.