Cheetah News

August 30, 2019

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Lunch Times for 2018-2019

There have been some changes to the lunch schedules this year. Please make note of the new times!


1st- 11:15-11:45

2nd- 12:15-12:45

3rd- 12:35-1:05

4th- 11:45-12:15

5th- 11:05-11:35

We welcome you to come and enjoy lunch with your child. If you would like to volunteer for other activities, please be sure to register as a volunteer!

Parent Orientation Night

Thank you for coming out last night! We appreciate the time you take to partner with us in your child's education.

If you are unable to attend, please check with your child's teacher or team of teachers. They can share information via website or email.

Parent Pick-Up/Drop-Off Reminders

We appreciate parents showing extra caution during arrival and dismissal. Your diligence and extra caution keeps our children safe!

Key things to remember...

1. Drive slowly through the car rider pick-up/drop off line.

2. The sides of school are NOT set up for parent car drop off. Please use the front of school for drop off. Please do not u-turn on our side streets. Safety is our top priority.

3. All parents must enter and leave through the front of the building and have a valid ID to enter.

Volunteer for our Site-based Planning Committee

Each campus within Leander ISD has a Site-based Planning Committee (SBPC). These committees are composed of district employees, community members, business representatives and parents. SBPC members provide input to the principal on a wide variety of subjects, with an aim of improving the achievement of all students. The committees address such areas as planning, curriculum, budgeting, staff development, staffing patterns and school organization. Elections for parent representatives are held every fall. Parents can only serve as a parent representative at the campus where they have a child attending school.

If you are interested or would like to nominate someone, please email

Grand Parents Lunch!

Cypress Elementary invites ALL Grandparents to our Annual Grandparents Luncheon on Friday September 6th. Lunch times are same as above.

You will need to come in through the front doors to check in. To best accommodate the large number of attendees, please use the Pre-Registration Form. With pre-registration, we will have your badge printed out when you arrive.

Please be aware that parking for this event will be limited.