Emily Foxworth

February 12, 1999 "Hakuna Matata".


My name is Emily Foxworth, I am in the 10th grade. I have one older brother and we live with my parents. I have two dogs ( Jessie, Papi). I love to go to the beach and, I like to hang out with friends in my free time, I love to travel also.


I'm kind because when I see someone in need I help them. Another example would be that I treat people fairly.


My hobbies include, shopping, traveling, I like to listen to music, and hang out with friends.


-My timeline-

1999- I was born.

2004- I started kindergarten

2009- I dislocated my knee for the first time

2014- We had a house fire

2015- moved into our new house

-My parents timeline-

1987-They met each other

1994- my brother was born

1999- I was born

2003-Moved to lugoff

2015-Moved into a new house

-Historical Events-

2001- World trade centers fell

2005- Hurricane Katrina

2007- Apple introduced the iPhone

2008- first black president was elected

2011- Osama Bin Laden was killed

2020 Goal:

In 2020 I hope to be in college.