Fifth Grade News To Know

Mrs. Meeker's Class, Crissey Elementary

We will complete our current chapter, Expressions and Patterns, on Thursday. Friday will be a day of review. While I dislike giving tests on a Monday and generally do not do this, the way things fell with this chapter and having a day off set us back. We will review on Monday before I give the test. This isn't a difficult chapter, but the students need to slow down, be careful, and really pay attention to the steps in problems that involve order of operations and the wording of numerical expressions. Our next chapter will be preparing for adding and subtracting fractions. It deals with estimating fractions to zero, one half, or one and finding the least common multiple and greatest common factor in sets of numbers. Students that do not know their multiplication facts well will probably struggle.

Last Thursday was our first day of D.A.R.E. Officer Bretter Wernert will be teaching the students about making healthy choices for their body and strategies to deal with peer pressure. This program will continue every Thursday until March 10th. The students will work on an essay about what they learn during D.A.R.E. and one student from each school will read their essay at the D.A.R.E. graduation. This is something we will work on during Olweus time. The students fill in workbook pages during each D.A.R.E. lesson and they will use them along with an outline to write the report.

Interims will be sent home on Friday. Please sign and return them on Monday. Several students expressed anxiety about having a "B" on their interim and I was a little taken aback by their reaction about earning a "B." They acted as if a "B" isn't acceptable and seemed to feel it is like getting an "F." I reminded the students that this is an interim and not their final grade, but I would like to say that fifth grade math makes a big leap from the math in previous years and a "B" is nothing like an "F." I try to give several opportunities for extra credit throughout the trimester and will give at least two more before the end of this trimester.

I am sending home a flier about coordinating the fifth grade recognition. This will take place at the end of May and we need parent volunteers to help plan this event. If you are able to help in any small way I would greatly appreciate it! We will meet on February 4th at 6 p.m. in the Crissey Cafeteria. I hope to see you there!

There will be a dine about at Bob Evans on Thursday evening. Bob Evans will donate a percentage of each bill to our wonderful, hard working Crissey Parents' Club.

I hope you enjoy your week and please contact me with any questions!