Nuclear Fusion Press Release

By: Ava Booker


This document was released by me, Ava Booker, and my lab partner, who is also a scientist.


In this release, we will attempt to explain to you nuclear fusion, and how to use it. It is what powers the sun and gives us life on earth. It is one of the secrets to living and we offer to share it with you today. Nuclear Fusion is the fusing of two atoms together to make a larger one. Fusion occurs in stars, one of them being the sun. Fusion produces less radioactive particles than nuclear fission, which is a previously discussed nuclear type.


We discovered this information while working in the lab. We were looking at the sun, and where it gets all of it energy. After further research and experimenting, it became clear that the process called nuclear fusion, the fusing of atoms, was responsible for the heat and the energy of the sun. Now, if that information is available to humans, yet it is a force so strong that it provides the energy for the sun, a star far larger that the planet earth, then we figured that we better let the world know so that others can share our knowledge on this. So, we set off to finalizing this idea in the lab and then releasing it to the press.


We started looking into the idea of nuclear fission a year ago, and then after meticulous study of the process and how it was to be done, we tested it out by fusing together two atoms. The result was somewhat a "mini sun", but only for a second before the heat subsided. This process showed us that nuclear fusion is possible and soon after we came out with this release.


As described in previous question addresses, we were able to set up a safe, small scale nuclear fusion and create this "mini sun" which was exciting, as it proved our theory that nuclear fusion could be manufactured by humans as an energy source. But to simulate this process, we fused together two light atoms, which created into a larger light atom. This meant that for a moment we got a glimpse of the power that has built this massive ball of light and energy that we call the sun.


The power of something as large as the sun has always been an interesting topic, and we wanted to investigate it, especially after hearing about nuclear fission. Nuclear fission is the splitting of an atom into two or more pieces to create multiple atoms. Fission produces highly radioactive particles whereas, fusion doesn't. This is why fission was used to create nuclear weapons such as the atomic bomb, arguably the most dangerous weapon on earth. This knowledge on fission gave us a longing to understand the science behind fusion. Also, we wanted to study this for its economic benefits. I mean imagine what would happen if we learned how to manufacture this energy and used it to power technologies all over the world. Many energy problems such as pollution with fossil fuels could be eliminated. With that in mind, we must end this press release and leave you with, hopefully, a new knowledge and understanding of nuclear fusion.