British Empire

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Map of Britain in the 1500's

Colonization of the Empire

Ireland was the first English settlement in the late 1500's. They also established settlements in North America, the West Indies, and Bermuda. Exploration provided new trade routes, goods, and new settlements. John Cabot made a voyage to discover a new route to Asia in 1497 and successfully landed in Newfoundland, but did not found a colony there. He was commissioned by King Henry VII to make this expedition. The sudden increase in British colonization created some hostility between England and other large nations such as Spain and Portugal. The increase helped Britain become one of the most successful empires of all time.


Because Britain was colonized by the Roman Empire they were taught Roman Catholicism, and established catholic communities in their colonies.

British Colonies

The Americas, Northern and Western Africa, Caribbean islands such as St. Kitts and Nevis, and the East Indies.

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