Niels Bohr

BY Mitchell Blaine Trevor Joesph Paul Lucchese Tommy Mazzola

Neils Bohr personal life

  • Neils Bohr was born on October 7, 1885 in Copenhagen.
  • Attended Cambridge University and worked with JJ Thompson at the cavendish labratory
  • Neils Bohr married Margrethe Norlund in 1912
  • Died in Copenhagen on November 18, 1962

Neil Bohr's work

  • Bohr was the founder of modern atomic physics
  • First successful explanation of some major lines of the hydrogen spectrum
  • Made valuable suggestions about the chemical relevance of radioactive decay
  • Later in his life he was devoted to humanitarian efforts

Neil Bohr's atomic model

  • Bohr's model explained the properties photoelectric effect
  • Electrons orbit around the nucleus
  • The lowest electron is found in the innermost orbit
  • radius of each shell increases as square of "n"
  • first shell can hold 2 electrons, second 8 and third 18
  • additional shell are assigned values (n=2)
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